Fully managed HR or flexible support - for the Professional services / Consultancy sectors

An employee handbook is an important document that communicates your rules, policies and values to new and existing employees.  Employee Handbooks are a great compliment to a robust contract of employment as they explain who you are, how you do things, and what you expect from your employees in terms of behaviour and performance so that your business run smoothly and continues to grow.

Our Employee Handbooks are naturally packed with a comprehensive range of HR related material based on the topics we know you will need.  In addition, we have included a broad range of health & safety material, guidance on data protection and useful graphics covering everything from a maternity timeline to manual handling. 

It is best to ask employees to sign to confirm receipt for their handbook on their first day but you can always reissue non contractual revisions as you make updates in the future.

As you would expect, we fully brand your employee handbook and have a comprehensive range of designs for you to choose from as well as fully bespoke creative options.  In addition, we can customise the copy to meet your exact requirements around any aspect from customer care, safety checks on vehicles etc. 

As well as being a quick and easy reference point for employees, it will save you time as the employer too – employees can find answers to business-related questions or check useful contact information e.g. the pension provider’s details easily without needing your help.