Settlement Agreements

Rapid resolutions via settlement agreements

A settlement agreement (previously known as a compromise agreement) is a legally binding contract used to mutually end an employment relationship or swiftly settle an employee dispute.

The contract outlines the terms of the agreement and stops employees from bringing a range of claims against their employer with the employee typically receiving an agreed financial sum from their employer.

Settlement agreements can be complex and sensitive, requiring a delicate approach.  Conversations are held on a Without Prejudice / Protected Conversation basis which requires a high level of skill and experience.    

We conduct thorough analysis of your situation and account for factors such as redundancy, performance management or a potential employment tribunal claim. Our tailored approach ensures that the settlement agreement aligns with your needs, mitigates risks and minimises potential disruptions.

Beyond the legal aspects there is much focus on the psychological needs of both parties in order to achieve a swift win/win so all parties can move forward quickly.  We support numerous businesses each month in determining appropriate financial settlements, crafting clear confidentiality/restrictive clauses, and managing the communication process with affected employees.

We are adept at supporting business owners with Settlement Agreements and do all of the heavy lifting for you – we work hard to move matters on at pace within agreed parameters freeing you up to focus on your businesses.